This is gentle reminder to take care of yourself properly and do not read blogs such as mine for treatment suggestions. I’m not offering advice, I’m responding to a blog entry of a long time friend. Please remember to speaking with a knowledgeable person before trying supplements and herbs. You will cause more damage to an already upset living situation if you introduce a contradictory herb or supplement to your health profile. Those with a chemical imbalance in the brain or otherwise, those with an autoimmune disorder, diabetes, kidney or liver damage and those with digestive issues should be very, very careful when introducing supplements without proper information. Supplements and herbs are medicine. Please respect them as such. 

I’m attempting to manage life with herbs, roots and movement. At times it helps but there are flares that seem to last forever. Still, I’ve made the beneficial choice to be 99% narcotic free. There are times when a narcotic is needed and I’ll take it. In my typical fashion of documenting things, I’ve written down the 3 times that a narcotic was used and the amount. I also use art and what I call Tea Time to manage life with multiple chronic illnesses. Here are some of the other items in my medical treasure chest that have proven helpful.

The Flowering 2010 - Sundrip on Redbubble
The Flowering 2010 – Sundrip on Redbubble

1. I’ve been using ginger and turmeric teas on a daily basis. This has to be done with food because they’ll mess up your stomach.

2. I use green tea and different roots instead of commercial blood thinners.

3. I use fresh garlic, quality cinnamon and raw organic honey to support my immune system.

4. I have a time daily when I sit down and relax quietly. I call this Tea Time.

5. I do daily exercises, stretches and yoga which are specific to my issues. These stretches have been shown to me during an in person physical therapy sessions.

6. I’ve reduced the amount of time I wear my TLSO brace because the brace can make the back muscles weak if worn too often.

However, I think the biggest assistance for me is my medicinal teas and the knowledge I’ve gained from a professional who has shown me how to use them. I’ve had an allergic reaction to one tea that put me in the hospital so I stay away from it and those like it, however, for the most part I find teas, tinctures and herbs to be helpful and legal.

Each person has to make their own decision concerning their health. They have to advocate for themselves or have someone who can advocate for/with them so that decisions made are ones the patient makes. I’ve had pressure from several different well meaning people in my personal life and online who have pushed the idea of using my ability to make the liquid you’re speaking of despite it being illegal in my state. Included in the group of people who have tried to pressure me are my long time therapist and a person I’ve known for nearly 16 years. When I explain why I won’t break the law now when I would 4 years ago they sneer. I’ve had the same well meaning people tell me I need to move to a friendlier state that allows its citizens to benefit from MMJ and derivatives.

I know that people care and don’t want to see me in pain. I know that no disease belongs solely to the patient; family and friends feel it too. They feel the helplessness and hopelessness that comes with these disorders and diseases. Sometimes their love for us causes them to speak out of place. However, the last thing a patient needs is pressure from others to accept a treatment that goes against the individuals conscience or desires.

  1. No, I will not move to another state. I have good, healthy roots here now, a wonderful support system. I will not uproot.
  2. There is nothing wrong with using the God given plant that gives us cannabis, absolutely nothing. The only issue that stings my conscience is that its illegal in my state. I no longer use it because it’s illegal, period. I will wait for my state to legalize it in some way and then I will add it to my medical cache. I live in a building with several students and a few adults. This building is lit up sometimes with the best smelling weed! Someone the other day had purple lemon haze. I was like, omg! Yeah, I know it was purple lemon haze. I know my weed. …. I’m just waiting… just a waitin’

I hope loved ones of people with a terminal illness or chronic illness will be respected for their choices in treatment. I hope those with a terminal illness or chronic illness will remember that their illness belongs also to their loved ones who may at times respond inappropriately. Communication, support, patience and willingness to forgive on both sides is the only way to get through such difficult and trying times.

HA!  , thank you for your blog, art and heart.


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3 thoughts on “Heather – Greed. Weed. Medical Cache

  1. I admire your honesty and care you put into your writing and art. I’m inspired knowing a small little post of mine touched a spark that ended up with, not one folks, but two blog posts! awesome for sure. 🙂 I appreciate your friendship so much and have for many years. We get it, yeah, we get it…I am learning to embrace everything that comes to me…to challenge myself to face it all heart and eyes wide open to all of it…if it comes to me, it is meant for me and I will roll through, learning and setting blazes in my wake…being grateful for all the hearts I meet along the way. I am grateful for your brave heart. for real and for true. <3

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