Making  DimensionsMaking New Dimensions is an abstract line drawing of a spinning propeller. The propeller creates impressions in a confirmed reality. In those impressions you may see wings of birds, flower petals, bridges and blue fish.

I tend to add eyes to my art because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am always on guard, always aware of my surroundings. Like much of my art, I created this piece to express something needed. I need a new outlook. I need a better attitude concerning my situation. The painting called “New Dimensions” shows a propeller forcing its way through, in the gaps it leaves I can begin to plant better soil for stronger roots. I want to get up from this depression. I know in my heart the first step to doing this is to change my thinking to a more positive outlook.

Title: Making New Dimensions
Art by: Faith M. Austin
Size: 4 x 7 inches
Medium: Ink and marker drawing on heavy artist paper,
Finish: left natural with no seal, unmounted
Style: Abstract, Organic

I proposed to give 5 art pieces this year as Pay it Forward art. This is art listed at a fraction of the cost art in my store. It is a gift from me to you. Please do not feel shy in snatching up this piece. Everyone likes gifts, please accept mine. I ship internationally.

Yes, it’s included in the 20% off sale. I know I’m pushing the sale but that’s because you won’t see it again. After about 15+ years of running Sundrip this is the only store wide sale I’ve ever had. As always, discreet financing is available.

Live Free. Create Well.

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