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First and Second Kings

This Kings Duo is available only on Redbubble. .       .    . Please find and click the Redbubble link on our sidebar. The original sketches are 6 x 9 on paper in black ink. Artwork by Robert I want to talk about my understanding of time. Basically I don’t have one. I […]


Not saying much

I feel out of it, just out of it. The pain has been unbearable at times but other times I manage it, push through. I have to say that right now is a terrible time to try and write a journal entry because all I want to do is put my body on the bed […]

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Physical Therapy: Button’s Stuff

How did PT go? Painful and funny. My PT is awesome. As I thought, I was totally exhausted after. After the session my pain level rose to “get her a trash can. quick!” My pain level has stabilized but I still feel a little out of it. I was given good tips for home. He’s going […]

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Dream: Cousins and Shaquille O’neal

For the most part this makes me laugh because of the randomness of Shaq and the one crazy girl who started it all. If the dream had a name it would be called ‘Faith Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’. In general I immediately write down the dream when I wake. I’ve done the same with this […]

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Progress on Twelve and Studio

I’m always just strokes away from finishing a project, it’s the same with the painting Twelve. I have a hand full of tiny details to do, then she will be finished. After her I’ll work on one more of my pieces about this size then move into the larger paintings. The two paintings up next […]

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Art and the explosion of emotion

I tried everything I could to photograph, scan or whatever to get this painting to show its true face. I thought because of its online presentation it might be with me awhile, not so. Passion Flower will go to its new home and will take along with it the little girl with the funny feet […]

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Therapy Review: Dream. Abuse History.

Heavy from start to finish, dissociation and typical switching. Anna and Robert. Going to therapy and coming back takes up to 4 hours. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting. I came home and went to sleep. When I woke I decided to take the trash out which meant braving the stairs again. One of the best […]

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Dream: A Father’s Creation

What a strange night. I was talking in my sleep. I remember thinking to myself, Faith, you’re sleeping, be quiet. But at one point I just gave in and kept pointing and yelling at some person in my dream. I don’t usually do trigger warnings because I expect people to only click on a survivor’s […]

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Making Room for More

Ah, it’s time to start really thinning things out at home. I’ve tackled one corner of my room that has been bugging me for a good long time. It’s the space where I hold all my old art journals and writing journals. A person can only have so much art before it starts to come […]



Just a few hours ago I felt strong, not invincible but strong. Now I wish I’d laid down with the cat and stayed. I did read with her plump self on top of me and I did relax but sleep is another issue. I run from it. This is the psychiatric part of life, the […]