Sunflowers in the Sea SOLD
Sunflowers in the Sea SOLD

I find writings and paintings all the time that another personality has created. Recently I’ve not seen too many art pieces but I have seen scribbled writings posted on the corkboard, and here on the blog. I know there’s been night activity by a younger alter because I’ve awakened twice in a weeks time now with no clothing.

How do I know it’s an alter and not simply that I took my clothes off and forgot? I’ve been in therapy for a while now. We are taught triggers, we are taught to be self observant and to be responsible for our actions and reactions. I’ve been in therapy for a very long time. I’ve been in the habit of being myselves even longer.

This entry is written for the little girl who first speaks of the future, then of herself in our bed here at home. Because of the last two entries by LJ, I should mention, this is not about suicide. General grammar and punctuation have been corrected for her.

 April 24th, 2016 5:12am EST

Will I sleep in the Kingdom of my Father, or will my eyes rebel the night and fiercely take their stand until the sun is high and firmly established.
Will I be unnerved by silence and this thing called peace, or will I be still when everything in me says, run!
Besides that, where would I run to escape myself?
With no fire and no spirit to hold off this siege of me against me,
I lie down wrapped in warm rage.

I barely feel the tears,
but unmistakable the voice,
unforgettable the touch of my Father’s hand
as he pushes the hair from my face and whispers,
it’s ok,

for LJ aka J

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