Bad day. The last day for steroids. Yes, the pain is a lot less body wide but my brain can’t handle this high dosage of steroids. Rage is what I feel, rage.

I saw Snow for a moment but I don’t know why she was here. She was here for just a minute. She said she’d be back but when she came back I was asleep and she didn’t want to wake me.

I’m really sleepy.

I woke up for therapy and talked to Dr. D about the rage and told him I can’t do another round of this. I hate the way this feels. I go from slight stimulation to full overload within seconds. It’s better when no one else is here. Having someone here with me seems to push me over the edge too quickly. The stimulation is just too much.

She brought me nasty tea which I ended up liking. I enjoy the Nasty Tea Club. I think it’s hilarious. Snow gave me Tazo Gingerly Jasmine. She hated it. I added a tad bit of orange zest and it was fabulous. She can’t have the tea back. LOL!!! I gave her some nasty, nasty Tazo Earl and Lavender. How do you do those two flavors wrong? They did so she got Earl and I got Gingerly Jasmine. I still have some nasty Sweet and Spicy for my friend which I need to get out in the mail soon. So far there are six of us, including me, that pass along nasty tea. I’m not sure why that’s so fun but it is. So, I unexpectedly received tea today from Snow. Her hubby So-and-so sent oatmeal raisin cookies. They were good.

Night time nudity… I’ve gotten up in the morning and found myself naked when I knew very well I wore clothes to bed. That could mean a million things. I asked inside…….asking inside is just addressing the personalities by talking in your head. I asked if anyone understood why I keep waking naked. I got a quick answer, “It’s hot.” Ok, mystery solved. No crisis. No drama. No need for psychiatric intervention. That was easy.

It’s getting difficult to keep my eyes open.

Time to sleep, again.


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