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Me and the BearGood
I went to the physical therapy center today. I was surprised at how open it was, that I was laying next to someone else who was being worked on. That nervousness quickly dissipated as I became familiar with my two specialists. I like both. One is male, the other female. I don’t go back for two weeks but when I do it’ll be me and the male physical therapist who has been nicknamed Buttons.

When I first saw the male physical therapist I blurted out, “What are you, twelve?” He said he tries to look older by wearing a beard. I didn’t say what I was thinking. …..F.A.I.L…… Later in the session I said, with you being 9 years old, did you color in your degree? He said yes and that he stayed in the lines when coloring homework. I said, I can’t believe they’re handing out degrees to 7 year olds. He said, how come I keep getting younger? Who am I, Benjamin Buttons?

When I return in two weeks to start the process of healing this neck and spine of mine, Buttons will be my physical therapist. I look forward to it.

When I go to the doctor I don’t always tell them about the multiple personality disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder) because it’s not always necessary. They know I have PTSD but that’s all they need to know. Sometimes less is best. When cognition issues arise people assume it’s Lupus or Fibro fog. I don’t correct them. The issue is cognition, the root cause doesn’t need to be pinpointed at that time.  I may need longer to process what’s said to me. Period. I’m not going to say, “I’m sorry. I have multiple personality disorder and sometimes I…….” …….Nope, not doing it.  … Sometimes the doctors need to know, most times they do not.

Physical therapy went really well. I was put in traction and within minutes I heard several pops and then the release of gases. Hearing both is a good thing. The very first treatment helped, so I’m positive about this treatment. The lady physical therapist manually manipulated disks in my neck which was rather painful but needed. I hope…. oh how I hope, things will look up for me with this arm and neck issue. It’s helpful to be comfortable with the therapists. I can’t wait to tell Dr. D how well it went. He’s on vacation right now.

It’s a word. On the way home Mama and I passed Long’s Donuts. I haven’t had them in years, at least 25 years. De..vine! It was wonderful. Warm dough dropped in fat then lightly glazed with diabetic inducing shugga. OMG! It was wonderful.

We stopped by Walmart to get a few things which included a chocolate mint plant. Those are so wonderful. I don’t intend to cook with it. I just plan on pinching off it from time to time.
My indoor garden is doing well. The lemongrass is rooting, the rosemary has taken hold and my sweet potato plant is sprouting. I wanted to do spinach this year but I don’t have room for it. Man I’d love to do that. I’ve got the proper lighting for it. I tried ginger but it rotted. I still need to get a parsley plant so Mary Jane has greens to munch on. Her fangs can be seen in the second photo. She’s my little vampire kitty.

She makes me smile .  Jane with fangs   .


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