I hate doing this. I really do, however, I have a need I can’t meet. I’m in need of a wheelchair…soon.

I stare at that sentence in disbelief. I need a wheelchair. Wow! I didn’t anticipate this for another 3 year or so but … ya know. Although my insurance is good about paying for things, they will not pay for the wheelchair because they only pay for one ambulatory item every five years. They purchased a cane.

I have some money for it because I had an Etsy sale but I don’t have the entire $125 needed. A chair for that amount sounds insane, I know, but it’s true. Just check out Walmart.com and punch in “wheelchair”. You’ll see they sell for other companies. The chairs aren’t Walmart products but are from their affiliates. Anyway, I have added a donation button to the sidebar.

I shake my head…in embarrassment…shame….desperation? I don’t know. I’m willing to work. I have a good work ethic. Hand outs aren’t my thing. I believe working adds dignity to a person’s life. I will work as much as I can. Right now I’m finishing larger projects size 18×24. I’m painting and sewing dolls.

This is current work on a doll order. I added glasses for the photo.

Doll being worked on

These are photos of my well used art table, which happens to be an old 8 foot buffet table. I like the designs.

Art Table 1

Art Table 2

If you are able to help with the remaining cost of the wheelchair please use the PayPal button on the sidebar.

Thank you very much,


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