Miss Fangs-a-lot and her habit of over kill

She’s so precious when she sleeps or takes a long stretch. She’s strange when she lays spread eagle begging like a dog. Mary Jane is a Maine Coon mix. She has no idea she’s a cat until she’s torturing and killing small prey, then she’s all cat / psychopath.

Mary Jane on snowman blanket

There was a time that she was outside and found a mouse. Now, I’m not a fan of mice okay, but she desecrated his body. I felt bad for the mouse. That was overkill.

Imagine the shock when I discovered that Mary Jane’s front teeth are elongated and she has fangs. I call her Miss Fangs-a-lot. She’s got a few other nicknames. I call her fuzzy butt and “Child, would you please stop licking me.” Is she tasting me for when she kills me in my sleep? Could this ball of fluff with her sweet fanged face really plot against the woman who feeds her chicken, fish and just a tad bit of kibble? I don’t know but I’m keeping my eye on her fuzzy butt.


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