Shop of the Day on Etsy’s Do Another Thing Team

What a nice surprise for me to find out that I get to be ‘shop of the day’ on the team called “Do Another Thing”.

When I first heard their name I liked it. Do another thing. It just sounds like its telling you to try one more thing, if that doesn’t work then try this and…. don’t forget to include others because the world involves more than just one person.

So today I got chosen to be shop of the day. Here’s the summary of the group as seen on their front page.

DAT (Do Another Thing) exists to help promote, market, and support grassroots authors, artists, and artisans through promotion, treasury lists, social media postings, and direct interaction with one another’s shops and products.

So, uh, what do I have available? Please see the page called Available Art.

Thanks again DAT,

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