How did PT go? Painful and funny. My PT is awesome.
As I thought, I was totally exhausted after. After the session my pain level rose to “get her a trash can. quick!” My pain level has stabilized but I still feel a little out of it.
I was given good tips for home. He’s going to try to get me a neck traction device for home which would be wonderful.
I need a large high density foam roller.

Here are a few noteworthy moments from my torture session.

PT with Benefits
I was on the table at PT and my PT, whom I call Buttons, was working on my neck. He was leaning on the table which put his waste at my hand. I said, Buttons, I’m gonna need you to move your stuff. He said, what? I said, your stuff is too close to me and I’m a bit uncomfortable with that.

Point of View
I was laying there and looked up at him. From that view I was all… up.. in.. his sinuses. Thank goodness his nose was clean. I would have hurt myself trying to get away if something fell on me.

There was a tennis ball put behind my neck. After we were finished to removed it and said, “You lavender-a-fied the tennis ball.” I said, yeah, sorry about that, I get a little crazy with the lavender from time to time. There was a pause. I said, “Did you just sniff the tennis ball?”

He’s fun. He said he wanted to start off with soft tissue message. I said, man I’ve only got 8 visits with you. We don’t have time for gradual. Yeah, he moved disks manually and really, really worked on my shoulder. WOW! Painful. He was surprised at how the muscle was so tight. Sometimes its hard to tell how much pain I’m in until of course the level is so high that I’m delirious. A few minutes after leaving, my pain level shot through the roof.

Man! I sure hope my insurance says yes to the neck traction situation. Gracious, talk about awesome. I could rent it out too…. At this tea party coming up I could charge $5 for 10 min. I have a feeling I’d see Snow every single day. LOL

The one and only thing I’ve done today besides being tortured is updating my Etsy shop. There are 4 new paintings available.


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