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The original sketches are 6 x 9 on paper in black ink.

Artwork by Robert

I want to talk about my understanding of time. Basically I don’t have one. I just don’t get it. I have no concept of it. I can’t tell how long 5 min is or how long 5 hours is. For me they’re one in the same. This becomes a problem when I go out to the store. It’s not unusual for me to return 3 or 4 hours later. I might think we were gone for just an hour or so but Betty says no, we were gone much longer. I wish I knew how to fix that.

Kings 2Days of the week, the month, all of that just washes together and makes no sense to me. I look on the calendar, I can read. I can tell it says Tuesday but that doesn’t give me the same information others get when they see that word. I wish I knew how to explain that.

I have missed large spaces of time before, once it was a year another a few months. How do I know when I miss time? Records, we keep them. Even if it’s not posted publicly there’s something noted almost daily for the last few decades. I just found the journal from 1999 with basic notes in it. It’s routine for all of us to write down that we existed that day. We have to look at the clock and at a digital source for the date.

The other I didn’t realize it was Thursday which is the day I listen to the Kingdom Hall services over the phone, only that day I was going to go there. My second medication alarm went off and that’s when I realized it was Thursday. An hour before services I realized it was Thursday. I was so mad.

It’s frustrating. Snow and Betty finally get that having more than one person in your head can effects basic functioning or basic understandings, time only being one of them.


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