The Benign.
ribbons in progress 15 x 22, watercolor paperBetty / Mom and I discovered we have the same sewing basket. Though she didn’t give birth to me, we have so much in common.

At the Kingdom Hall I go lay down in another room if I’m unable to sit through the entire meeting. Last Thursday I was snoring. I was told by an attendant that no one heard it. Thank Goodness!!!

The other day while wheeling away at the store, two different toddlers waved at me. I don’t know why but they did and they kept on until they were out of sight. It was sweet.

Mary Jane demands to be held while I make the bed. She puts her head on my shoulder as I adjust this and that. I walk her to the living room and give her some catnip.

I have an awesome pot for making tea.
Frozen lime and Valencia orange slices dropped in whiskey is awesomeness. I made lime and orange aid. It was good. The peel in the garbage disposal makes it smell really good.



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