I’m still in physical therapy. I switched personalities while in the waiting room. A man disciplined his child with one swat to the butt. A woman who was not with that group, turned to her daughter and said; ‘You know you better not speak to me that way. I’d get a switch and beat your ankles’. Even after the situation with the father ended, the woman kept talking and cursing and telling her daughter, who was silent, all the things she’d do to her if she ever spoke to her that way. It was not good. There were no employees around.

The Good.
livingroomThank you to everyone who made last month a great one for sales. This month has started off really well. I’ve now sent art to addresses marked from the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Greece and, the United Kingdom. I have souvenir paper currency from each of these countries except Greece and the United Kingdom. Give me Italy and I’ll be satisfied.

I love my home and do not wish to move. I absolutely have to make sales in order to afford to live in a place that I call home. I do not want to move from my small paradise.

Dining RoomI was able to order the new shoes as well as get my frog Pete his new tank. He’s in his new home and seems very happy. African Clawed Frogs will hang at the top of the tank when they’re relaxed and feeling safe. I was pleased to see Pete happy. He’s 11 or 12 now but his life expectancy is 30 years. I love my fish tanks and I love my plants. Who knew lemongrass would shoot up so high and so fast when grown in the house? My intention is to have it as a plant not a food source.

swr2I am coping with some of the pain by drawing large scale pieces. I’ve listened to podcasts to keep my mind from getting too lost. I put lavender oil in my hair to sooth myself. I’ve tried to be more grateful for the health I do have. I’ll talk more of that later. I have a wonderful spiritual family in Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is where I’m supposed to be. This is the core of who I am.

Mom / Betty called me her baby girl. I’ve locked those words in my heart forever and ever. It is difficult when you’re no ones daughter, when you don’t belong to anyone at all.

After reading over the journal entries The Good, The Benign, Stress and Hope, it has become clear that I have a lot to hang on to, to keep me going. I am loved. I have many, many friends. I feel as though I’ve laid down roots and that this place I’m in right now is home. I do not desire to lose it. Fifty dollars extra a month makes this household run successfully and keeps me from having to move. That’s not a lot of money but there’s a lot riding on it. I don’t rob Peter to pay Paul nor do I borrow. Thank goodness I know how to save.


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