Pete after eating rocksPete the frog finally got a larger tank and a permanent home. He has a live plant in there and a few large rocks that are arranged as a tunnel he can enter from both ends. He does not have smaller rocks to cover the bottom of the tank. Although frogs are often communal animals, Pete does best alone. He’s not aggressive enough to get up there and get some food.

When I first took Pete out of the big tank, I did so because I noticed he was having a hard time getting to the top. I also noticed why. Pete was having an emergency, one I didn’t think he’d survive. He’s an African Clawed Frog which lives in the water full time but he still needs to come to the top to breathe.

Rock in stomachWhen I took him out I couldn’t believe the bulge in his stomachPete Rock in Belly. That evening I decided it was time to try to help him or he’d surly die. I rubbed his belly to make him vomit. I came back later and did it again, and again, and again. Each time I got a small pebble out. I still saw a bulge and knew there was something else there. The next day which was going into 3 days of rubbing the frog’s belly, I looked in his tank and saw a smooth rock the size of a nickel. I couldn’t believe it.

Frog and RockOf course when I saw it I thought, he has to have internal damage. There’s no way he’s going to survive swallowing that and then upchucking it. What I didn’t bet on was that these frogs have an incredible ability to regenerate. Two weeks after the largest rock was out I saw just a few tiny little rocks in his tank. He wasn’t getting anything to eat. He had to compete with a 7 inch goldfish and his wife Sia who was 6 inches and aggressive. Pete was hungry!

rock that Pete ateI don’t have smaller rocks in there with him because I don’t want to take any chances. He’s by himself so he doesn’t have to compete for food. I do wish he had a companion but he’s just not aggressive enough to get the food he needs. I figure he’ll have a good long life in his new tank. When I saw him hanging at the top in the plant I knew he was happy with his space. That made me happy in turn.

Thank you for the sales that helped me get him a new home. Much appreciated. If you were one of those who purchased last month or this month, you can see what your purchase price went to. Sometimes the customer isn’t able to see how much their purchase helps. Well, here is part of it. I hope you are smiling, too.


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