Tomorrow I’m having company. We’re having a light lunch and girl talk. I’d like to be excited about it and perhaps I will be tomorrow as the time grows near. What I want now is to roll over and go back to sleep. To do so would feed my depression. I only intend to feed friends. Although depression has been with me for 3 decades, we are not friends!

A few Londoners I know threw one heck of a tea party about a year ago. She asked that they wear dress hats and gloves. Since she loves to host, she made certain there were all the stereotypical things available, and placed on beautiful display. I’ve been to a grill they hosted, but I wasn’t able to go to the tea party. They’re fun people and very hospitable.

One time the husband and an elder came to encourage me because of my depression. I asked the elder why he didn’t bring someone who speaks English. I can’t understand a word Brother London is saying. Br London says he speaks English, the rest of us do not. 🙂 I can’t talk about him too badly because he and his wife helped me recognize authentic, quality teas from poor quality teas.

There is nothing fancy about tomorrow or the lunch here in 2 weeks with a young teen and her mother. The teen is excited about it, which I love. Her mother and I are presenting her with a present but she has no idea. Love it, love it, love it. This is what I want to do, make a small impact in the lives of others. Random acts of kindness are nice and they’re important. What I’m talking about is pulling from resources to fill a need on a personal level. Being able to help with that is soul food. I’m doing the training for it.

More food – I need a little energy to get up and make this lasagna. I’ve still not made that thing. I am so not feeling up to making it, especially since I know there’s left over chicken masala, quinoa and sautéed peas. I don’t have Naan but I’ll live. Maybe I’ll feel like putting the lasagna together later this evening.


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