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I finished the therapy assignment where I painted the body’s experience with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The painting has been completed for about two weeks or so and is hanging in my living room. When I did it I looked at it and thought, no, this can’t be it. However, I did simply allow myself the room to express without expectations. That’s how I knew the painting is authentic as an expression of my body’s experience, I did not set a guideline for it, I just let it happen.

For several days I looked at the painting and thought, what is this supposed to be? I was expecting a thrashing of color on paper, scribble marks, obvious anger issues. But this is what I got….this! I was like, no, something not right but then it hit me, ah, okay, I get it.

The process was … quiet and took a few hours. My head was quiet which is rare. I made huge brush strokes with a 5 inch bamboo brush. Beautiful brush. I traded the brush for a 3 inch pallet knife then finished off with a 10 inch scraper/smoothing thingie.

Incidentally, I like the painting so I taped it on the glass of a painting I purchased at Goodwill for the frame and glass. I have to take that big ol gigantic thing down, put the new painting in and get it back up there. Yeah right! It’s secure for now. The painting is 18 x 24, acrylic on watercolor paper. I so love watercolor paper.

Ah, included in the photos is a small bit of my 20+ year collection of dolls. My great aunt collected dolls. There were hundreds of them in her gallery room. At the time I thought, I will never collect dolls cause this is just freaky. It was freaky but I gravitated toward the room every time we went to visit.


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