Looking Forward, digital art, Redbubble onlyThere is only one thing I desire today and that is self care. It’s Friday, that means there are a lot of one’s to be counted. These are not all in order.

One woman, one foot spa with fresh lavender and Epsom’s salt. One square of 90% dark chocolate, one glass of red wine. One small pizza, one large cat. One chick flick, I’m thinking Jane Eyre.

As the night moves on I’ll be rather relaxed so I’ll finish details on Twelve. I’ll finish details on The Last Lullaby. Slowly but surely I move through each project to its completion.  By the time I reach The Last Lullaby it’ll be late, but sleep won’t come that quickly. I hope it’s easier than other times.

I’ve already done my yoga. I’ve done my stretches. I’ve had visitors and welcomed new people to my home. I’ve taken out the trash, changed the media in the fish tank filters, fed the frog, fed the worm compost pile and spoiled the cat with special treats. Now it’s time for me. The ringer is off, the night is mine.

Looking Forward ~painting and accompanied poem as seen on Redbubble~
© 2008 F. Magdalene – SUNDRIP – Art for Life

She said today is the first day of the rest of her life
As if something from yesterday faded away and a new hope had been born.
As if today’s sunrise forever burned out midnight hours and
Melted cold hard tears that slowly fell down the window of her eyes.
Today is the first day of the rest of her life.
How could she know?
How can she be so sure?
Confident, tall, full of pride
She saunters across the alley way
to the market
where fresh peaches and spring flowers line the walk.
A smile crosses her face and is contagious to his.
“Today!” she says.
Today? He says.
“Yes, the rest of my life.”
So sure.
She’s sure.

© 2008 F. Magdalene – SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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