SnapshotI showed a friend a photo of this painting and her first response was, wow, there’s a lot in there. She commented that there were images from corner to corner. I said, yeah, not a single corner left without a mark or image. I then added, it’s like a snapshot of my brain. That’s how the painting was named. A simple conversation brought forward the purpose of this painting. It is a private moment caught on canvas. It’s a snapshot of my mind.

In therapy a person is encouraged to find a healthy outlet for their anxiety. On occasion I need to do something physical to work it off, other times I just need to lie down alone in the quiet. More often than not I need to paint. I need to paint with no expectations, whatever comes out comes out and that is the final painting.

I realized this piece would be full of motion and colorful turmoil because anxiety fueled my brush. As a matter of fact, half of the painting was finished in one night, it took 4 days to complete the rest.

The last two days my brush moved with ease and more peacefully because the color purge was nearly complete. I’d worked off my anxiety and successfully used healthy coping skills.

My Face My Art - SnapshotThis painting was primarily done while in bed. It’s not the easiest thing  to move around in a TLSO brace, but one learns to do the impossible when it’s needed. So yes, the vast majority of the painting called Snapshot was created while in bed. Lupus and Fibromyalgia with other complications can often knock me off my feet, but with the help of friends I am able to regain my strength and continue in my occupation as an artist.

Title: Snapshot
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, watercolor paper
Size: 15 × 22
Finish: signed, unsealed, unmounted
Style: Expressionism, Figurative
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