The waters are untroubled.

I’ve got nothing to report, really. I’ve been hanging around the house, still in pj bottoms. My hair is unkempt. I’m rockin’ homeless style dreads right now. Gotta do something about that soon or people might walk up to me and give me money….. that’s an idea.. let my dreads get really bad then mislead others into thinking I’m homeless. Nah, dang me and my morals!!!

I didn’t cook dinner. It seems Lucky Charms in a large bowl works quite well for a meal. However. I’ve got to follow doctor’s orders and have my 6 oz of red wine and some dark chocolate. I can’t put that on my stomach with Lucky Charms and expect the GI tract to be happy with me. Dang me and my nutritional habits.

Tomorrow a medical supplier will bring me a Saunders neck traction machine. Ya know, I asked for this thing about a month or so ago. I had all these excuses from Buttons who said that there’s a lot of paperwork involved, my insurance won’t cover it and even if they do, getting a rep out to the hospital takes months. He asked if I would pay for the item myself. Once it was clear that I expected him to do his job, things began to roll. Less than a week after our final conversation about it, I got a call from the company yesterday saying a rep will come to me with the machine. I’m so looking forward to this.

I’ve told my friends they can use it for $5 for five minutes. Payment is expected up front. I’ll accept pizza or booze (no light beer) in exchange for their use of my machine. I apologized for saying people who drink Miller Light are pansies. Dang me and my love for quality beer.


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2 thoughts on “Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

  1. Have I tried dark chocolate and wine? I most certainly have. Oh, the machine? Girl, that machine is beautiful. I’m going to have to name it. Something this awesome should never be referred to as a traction machine. It needs some sort of name to reflect the way the pain is INSTANTANEOUS relieved. It’s comfortable and easy to use. I love it.

    As suggested, I didn’t jump in and pump it up and wear it for 15 min, but I was still sore the next day.

    I don’t use it on the floor though. That didn’t work for me as well, I didn’t feel much comfort on the floor as on the bed or sofa. On the bed with my body lined up correctly, shoulders on the bed, I get a lot of relief. I’m waiting to see my physical therapist so he and I can set up a treatment plan with it.

    I’m 100% pleased.

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