American Football – The Preservation of Poverty

Snow and Betty (biological sisters) know I hate American football because of its violence, tolerance for domestic violence and its gang like structure. In addition, football is a poverty preserver. The Lucas Oil Stadium in my city is a testament to how so much money can be spent without lower income people ever benefiting from it, but instead paying for it.

American Football victimizes and targets poor African Americans and puts them in a near gang activity kind of situation. Wear the same colors, hurt badly the guy whose not wearing your color. Here’s a bunch of money, women, alcohol and fame. ….Sorry but football is a legal gang.

Gross violence and crime is tolerated. I mean you can torture dogs to death and people will still love you. You can have several felony convictions and still play football. My strong opinion of football and big sports arenas is very well known to Betty and Snow, but never have I said, you shouldn’t watch this game. However, from my very strong opinion they feel judged. I can see why, but i’ts not me that presses the issue. I don’t bring it up.

I have a whole rant and rave on motorcycle riding which Snow has heard. Yeah, sorry but man, because something is legal it doesn’t mean its beneficial. I think some motorcycles are beautiful but to ride one, no. Not until it’s close to home does one realize just how dangerous those things are.

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