Hi, my name is Pickle.

Update 2: He didn’t make it. I think the shock of going to the fish store, being put in a bag then being put in a clean an cycled tank was too much for him. I hate that too. I wish when they see that tadpoles have gotten in the batch that they’d put them back in a pond. It took a lot of survival for this guy to get this big…..and beautiful I might add. My plan was to let him develop, identify him, verify that he’s indigenous to the area and release him if so. If not then I would need to keep him, and would have. I like frogs a lot.

Update: Pickle has been identified as a bullfrog tadpole. 🙂 I love frogs. I think it’s because of their feet. He’s hanging touch in his aquarium right now. I look forward to the journey with him. It’s always magical to see these animals transform, regenerate when hurt and grow to beautiful creations. I love these things….and goldfish, love my goldfish.

Raising frogs and toads is something I love to do but I wasn’t planning on it until August. On the way home from the doctor’s office we stopped for goldfish to do a quick cleanup of the African Clawed Frog’s aquarium. I have a filter but it’s not doing what I need it to do. So anyway, while snagging a few small goldfish I noticed a big tadpole which I was told is a Bullfrog tadpole. I don’t really know.

I looked up some things on the net but information is conflicting.

Can you identify this tadpole? Is this a Bullfrog tadpole or a frog species? He is in a very temporary 5 gallon tank.

Should I expect to see a frog in 2-3 years or a few months? I think I’m looking at little feet in the photo. Look at the reflection at the bottom. In the larger photo those stubs are clearly feet.

I’ve successfully raised ACF’S from egg to frog. The Albino ACF female lived 10 years, her husband Pete is 12 and is wild / Congo (in other words he’s brown and green). He’s doing well.

I’m terrible at naming things so I let a young girl at the store name him. His name is Pickle.


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