The appointment with the doctor went fine. I got news I expected. I get to have a battery of tests and I’ve got more medication. Despite some issues which took place shortly before getting the wheelchair, I am able to travel. In a separate health issue, I am to continue seeing Buttons 2x a week. Anyway…. Before the nurse came to get me Betty and I actually got into an argument in the waiting room. I can only shake my head….. There is no way on earth that we can move forward until we sit down and air it out.

A while ago I saw a doctor whose son plays basketball. He’s well known, to those who know about basketball. I could care less, but since I was seeing his mother I thought I’d look up a bit of info on him to try and establish a rapport. The woman’s office is a shrine to her son. I mean seriously! Like I said, I read up on him several different times. Since she was giving me shots in my hips I put on a temp tramp stamp of his school (which rivals the school my mother attended). She laughed when she saw it. It was great.

Today Betty mentioned the son and I said the same thing about him that has been said repeatedly. It didn’t go over well. She said, how do you know? I said, I’ve read up on the guy. She said, so you believe everything you read? I said, why do you constantly contradict me? She said, I don’t do that. I said yeah, you do, all the time. If I say the sky is blue then you say, no, not to me it’s not, it’s more white than blue.

It was insane. She knows I don’t care about basketball and that I’m anti football. I used to be a fanatic about a few sports – tennis, golf, soccer. You should see me watching a tennis match. lol

I once said that I’m not a fan of a football team owner. She never asked why, didn’t ask if I’ve ever met him under any circumstances (professional) or anything. She just immediately said, how would you know?

I said black people weren’t legally able to vote until around 1965. That statement wasn’t a history lesson so spare me the comments. The date made my point about lynchings, bombings and the like. However, she immediately said, no, no, that’s not right, it had to be much earlier than that.

Truthfully, it just doesn’t matter what I say, she’s going to tell me I’m wrong. She does it to her sister and it drives her crazy, too. Today was a day when the undercurrent I have with her sucked us right into a public argument about a sports figure whom neither of us knows personally and who has no real bearing on our lives. He’s just some guy.

A public argument. Are you kidding me? Are you serious? I raised my voice. I hardly ever do that, hardly ever. When voices are raised people stop listening with reason and respond with emotion. Undercurrent took us where we went today. We’re going to have to work this out.

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