The other night I thought the tadpole didn’t make the traumatic trip from the over crowded shipment to the pet store, to the over crowded tank in the pet store then to my big tank. He hardly ever moved. I didn’t think he was eating. I thought he was dead but what I do know about these buggers is not to assume they’re dead, verify.

I took him out of the big tank and put him back in the 5 gallon tank which is fully cycled. I lowered the water level just a bit leaving several inches from the lip of the tank. When I got up the next morning Pickle was wiggling around eating the algae. Little Pickle is still kicking. He’s alone in there, the water doesn’t move nearly as fast as it does in the big tank.

I’ll tell ya what, goldfish are cheap to buy but not all that easy or cheap to keep. Water changes are a must if you’re going to get even close to their full life expectancy.  Read this beginners article on how to best keep goldfish.

I’m a comet and common goldfish girl. Although I think the others are beautiful, I go for simple. These guys have been a fixture in my home for a good long time as have been African Clawed Frogs and their tadpoles. But this tadpole I know nothing about. This bad boy is huge. I’m looking him dead in his eye like I do my fish and frog. Gracious. I still think he’s beautiful though.

I need to figure something out. Is it too late in the year for me to release him in a pond? I’m only going to release hi is he’s indigenous. for all i know he could have been shipped in from 3 states over. these are considered an invasive species. Heck, in Michigan and Kentucky I can’t have my ACF without a license. They’r’e invasive and will knock an ecosystem out of wack in a hot second. I will call the pet store and simply ask if they get their goldfish from a local provider. If it’s not too late to drop his little self in a pond then I know of one waiting for him. It’s the pond in front of my Kingdom Hall. That pond is beautiful, I love the cattails. I have this thing about duckweed, too and other aquatic plants.

Funny, the girl who hates water loves what grows in it, loves the ecosystem from top to bottom, large to bacterial life. I love it.


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