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Strangle Hold

strangle hold fmaSometimes the images are hard to look at.

This particular piece in the My Face My Art Collection, has a specific theme. I wanted to convey the general feeling of being disturbed and strangled. This piece involves not just Lupus but mental illness as well.

Just because a person has one life difficulty, it doesn’t make them exempt from the others. Strangle Hold addresses a physical and mental battle.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m winning the battle, other times I’m in a strangle hold.

The two paintings in this piece are The Last Laugh (top right) and Snapshot (left side). They are both in my Etsy shop linked to on the sidebar.

I probably won’t do a separate, permanent gallery for the My Face My Art images. I will more than likely put them in the Featured Art Gallery, which will change from time to time.


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