My sister kept my secret.
She was the only person who knew I could fly.
I could fly around the tree in the front yard that bloomed for a few days then dropped its petals like a dream.
It was the tree with choice switches,
the tree I could see from my bedroom window as I listened to the song ‘Take Me Home’ by Phil Collins.
But, take a look at me now.

I Can Fly

it’s me, Jordan

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4 thoughts on “I could fly

      1. I’ve decided to self publish a collection of my writings, so I’ve been going thru my blog and taking a trip down memory lane. We’ve known each other for sometime now and it is awesome to go through the years and see our exchanges just want you to know how much I freaking love you

        1. That’s awesome. There are several bloggers I’ve known for 10 years or more, some 5 or six. It seems I mostly have long term connections. I like that. We can see each others growth and progress, stumbles and getting up. It’s nice to have these experiences and I’m very pleased you are part of it.

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