Sneaky devils. Evil spirits, unclean. They crawl all over everything like maggots on a pile. Don’t trust it or turn your back to it.

Cats bite. Yuck, they give me the shivers. I can’t do cats.

Dogs jump on you. They bite.
I never had a pet as a child. I am afraid of them because I don’t know what they’re going to do.

You know how Mother feels about cats.
Yes, I do. I remember the pot of boiling water ready to throw on a cat seen on her patio.

I remember the uncle (by marriage) saw a cat and kittens. He got out a gun to shoot them. I screamed NO and tried to scare them away. In anger he turned to me with the gun pointed at my head. I was not silent. My 9 year old spirit rose up in indignation and told him to pull the expletives trigger. He kept his aim at my head for a minute or two, lowered it and pulled the trigger. The bullet landed between the first two toes. It took no time at all before my canvas shoe turned red.

Nasty cats. I hate those nasty things. Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nas…………..

I remember the word! and the inflection used when “you “ kept called me “fat and nasty. “ That hurt more than the bullet.


written July 23rd, 2016 EST

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