I  updated my Etsy shop and Available Art gallery to reflect my newest original art pieces.

Picasso Head is just a fun piece of art with bold colors. Of course there are a few hidden figures in there, as well as a developing butterfly wing, a blue and black feather and an arrow.

Sometimes are is created simply for fun while other art serves as a way to relieve anything from general anxiety to rage. Creative release sparked the original acrylic painting called “In My Direction“. In some ways it looks like flowing ribbons but it also looks like highways crossing each other.

There’s more fun with abstract wash work. No lines, no hidden objects, just emotion in color. This metallic piece shows off bronze, gold and turquoise with burgundy and black. I’ve added a touch of cream here and there. The title is simply, “Bronze

Last but not lease is the little girl who could fly. 🙂

I’ll continue to update the Etsy shop as well as the Available Art gallery over the next few days.

Custom Order Handmade DollsA note on the Featured Art section. I scaled back on the pieces in there because I thought the number of pieces took away from the goal of showing art that is compact, stuffed and painted edged to edge. I think it’s now closer to what I was trying to express.

Also, the August reservation for custom order dolls has been filled. The next available date for a special order handmade doll is September 3rd, 2016. The page for Therapy Dolls explains the reservations arrangement.

Thank you

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