Blackhearted in response to ‘Your Brutality’

Your Brutality struck my heart with a very familiar blow and
Shed light on a truth I’d rather not believe.

I remember how beautiful he looked to the world,
you know the type, tall dark and handsome.
He smiled, joked around and was very likable to others
but we eventually had to go home.

I remember how beautiful she was to the outside world,
you know the type, tall, dark long hair, successful by the world’s standards.
She held a good conversation, was cut from the right cloth,
the same one she strangled me with
when we eventually went home.

A husband, a mother blackhearted and cold
putting on a smile, making you part of the show.
Oh how they would flatter and shine,
for everyone but me.

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One thought on “Blackhearted in response to ‘Your Brutality’

  1. Faith, take care. Take all that *t and put it in your hand with a stone and cast it into the river. The stone will make it sink. But don’t be surprised if you miss it. People who have had toothaches their entire lives miss them when they are gone. Best to make peace with it. It will give you the strength to cast the stone farther. And that’s a good thing. Plenty of beauty out there that’s waiting to be discovered. Like I said, take care! Bob

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