Sister Pickle
Sister Pickle *Oh the time has come * And you know that yours is the only pond * who won’t play, croquet.*

It’s been a rough few days with the weather, but I’ve been able to get a lot of work done today. I’m pleased to say that the doll will be 100% ready to be shipped as arranged. However, there’s no way on earth I’ll put up photos in the doll gallery before she’s received in the mail.

The sky has been falling on Indiana for a few days now. Wide spread flooding, lights out, all the stuff we dread during this season. In addition to the dreary outside, I turned 45 today. No birthday wishes please. I’m proud to have outlived abusers because it says so much about endurance and tenacity. But I’m still trying to manage the reality that I’m no one’s daughter. That’s going to take a bit to relieve the sting. But there is something to look at and be happy – Pickle the frog is developing very well. I can’t get her to eat small worms, so I’m having crickets delivered tomorrow afternoon.

Sister Pickle
* Where you hopping* What you croaking for? * You know Budweiser don’t want to pay no more to you * It’s true *

She’s called Sister Pickle because she’ll be put in the pond at the Kingdom Hall. We call everyone brother or sister. I’m Sister Austin. The frog is affectionately called Sister Pickle. 🙂Haven

Ya know, I look at this photo of my haven and think of what used to be, but there is no desire to start an aquarium again. My physical abilities are just not the same but my needs are. This means the haven has to be arranged so that it is still satisfying for the deepest parts of me who desperately need peace. I’ve had a special room like this for a very long time. Despite some pressure to get rid of the tank, I can’t, not right now.

What I’ve done is put some of my plants in there as the beginning of a terrarium which will hold fire belly toads. I’ve had them before and love them. A small pod of 5 (1 male, 4 females) will allow me to focus primarily on the foliage with the frogs as something living, yet simple to care for. That’s $35 for 5 frogs, no big deal, especially when I have everything else I need for them.

Sister Pickle
*Put the batter in, dip those legs twice* Serve them next to rice* It’ll be a fine dinner tonight.*

I’m a nurturer. I need several living things to care for and dote over. My girl Mary Jane is showing her age more each day. She’s passed the life expectancy of a Maine Coon by three years. No matter what stage of life she’s in, she rightly owns my heart. The photo here has been seen repeatedly, but it’s my absolute favorite of her.

Mary Jane Austin

I think I miss photography quite a lot. I only have my phone but I may have to try to take a few photos as best I can. I don’t think you need to be the best photographer in the world to get your point across.

In high school, I was the girl wearing a black beret, with a Pentax K-1000 hanging around her neck. The camera held black and white film unless the my instructor insisted on color.

There’s something so … truthful… and beautiful about black and white photography.

And the stars, having a telescope came up in conversation this week end. Snow and I talked about having one when we were younger. She enjoys nature as much as I do, especially looking at the stars and quiet walks where we explore and appreciate life around us.


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