Desperately Seeking a Cosmetology Intervention

millions - found on FBBuy a house with a yard that has a pond and an indoor/outdoor exploring gym for my cat. There’d be an art studio, an indoor koi pond, a living wall (a wall of plants) and of course, a library…the kind with real books with real paper. Lets not forget the rose bushes and the patch for nothing but different kinds of sunflowers. The outside garden by the pond would host cattails, lilies and duck weed. I’d finally get my hair done. Sure hope I don’t have to win the lottery for that. Maybe just an art sale or two.

A friend and I joked about me standing on the corner with a sign that says, “Why lie, I need my hair done.” I think every black woman in America would have pity on me and give me a dollar. Anyone with dreadlocks would give me a dollar cause they know this isn’t an easy hair style.

The natural dreadlocks style I have doesn’t come out or unbraid as some people think. No, these don’t come out unless you cut them off. There’s no going back.

I should hold out that sign or one that says, “Will work in exchange for cosmetology intervention.”

Yes, this is Jordan and yes, I’m always talking about my hair. lol

written 8/29/16 – 1:13am EST

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