A very human error was made by the manager of FedEx. That error meant he had to cancel out the order and do it again. Now things get complicated. He had to credit my account which would show up in a few days. Still, I needed to cover the amount to ship.

Quietly, and to him I said, I’ve got XX amount. We can’t go over that. It won’t clear.” He said, “You’ve only got XX dollars?” So now the people beside me know my balance. I said, yeessss. Then he added, “If you paid with a credit card it would have been so much easier. You just pay the balance at the end of the month.” I didn’t give a response but thought to myself, Oh, really, is that how that works? 

Because we were crunched for time, my friend handed him her credit card and we did it on hers. I just have to reimburse her.

The package did go out on time according to all specifications.

I like simple transactions, this is messy.  I don’t like that at all.


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2 thoughts on “FedEx – Where Nothing is Simple

  1. I’ve never understood how that all works, and I’d rather not have a credit card anyway. I’m not confident when I have debt hanging over my head.

  2. He was so condescending. “it would have been easier with a credit card.” Yeah, it’s easier to get into debt.
    Debt makes us slaves to the debtor. I prefer financial freedom, even if it’s with just a enough pennies.

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