Burning She Walks
Burning She Walks

I was cleaning my computer files and ran across a video which prompted me to create another. It’s short. I talk about my head not feeling right and that if my emotions have color then they’d be turquoise being pushed down by white. The turquoise would press down on red, tear at it, shred it. It felt heavy in the pit of my stomach as I spoke to the pc camera. I had a day that started off rough but ended fine. As explained in the comment section, this is not a professional video. I rock back and forth, I look up and down and I talk, period. I tried to use the tools on YouTube to help the video look better but I’m not so sure it’s any better.

I did a few photos of my feet since they’re really bothering me right now. It’s difficult to walk. If I try to bend the right foot it feels as if the skin will tear. It’s hot, red and puffy all the way above my knee. I see Dr. R on the 20th about it.

The photos of my legs and feet are manipulated because what’s happening to them isn’t natural, so there is no reason to stagnate them in one altered state. My skin resembles a giraffe’s markings but when the color is changed they look like something you’d see under a microscope swimming as a foreign object among natural occurring cells. Then there is a message about feeling like you want to give up but you don’t and that it’s an important decision to make to keep going. This is also the first photo of me in a wheelchair shown on the net. The photo is taken of me in the corner of the mirror which reflects my easel, a piano bench, lamp and shoes.

I saw Snow today. It went well. She’ll come here tomorrow with her husband.
I still have Pickle in her aquarium. She’s eating well and getting nice and fat.
I ate a good dinner. I baked chicken, had stove top stuffing and green beans.

I want to replace the tea pot that I broke so I can make more than a cup of tea at a time but there are a lot of things on my to buy list. If I see one at a decent price I’ll snatch it up but I’m not actively looking. I’d like to update some equipment here at home. A digital camera is needed and I do want another stylus thing that worked until I was forced to leave Windows XP behind. I had a Hanvon tablet. Despite my many wants, I’ll be satisfied with getting what I need and enjoying the youngsters that come here once a month to paint and chat.

I’ll see Dr. R the 20th about these feet of mine. Argh! That’s also the day I’ll get Epsom’s salt so I can keep soaking my feet. I’ll use real rose petals in the water or real lavender. Right now I’ve got a sandalwood candle going.

It’s time to sleep. I’m looking forward to a slow day tomorrow.

Ariel Bianca

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