sister-scribble-I wrote a few days ago about questions I have for my aunt that will more than likely not get asked. They questions are basic – who were you as a child. What was home life like from your point of view? All the aunts loved their father and put him on high. I have questions though, what did he do to be seen as good? Was he seen as good because your mother was seen as bad and someone had to fill both roles in such an abusive household? I know life wasn’t good with my grandmother but I only know a few things.

How is it possible that I grew up with you but know so little about you?

What would I ask?
Do you remember the pet bird I’ve heard about? What kind of car did you ride in when going on vacation? Did you want to go on all the vacations? Where did you sit in the car?
Did anyone check on you girls at night to make sure you were tucked in your beds? Did anyone read to you? How did you learn Spanish? What was the atmosphere like at home around the dinner table? What was your best dress? What age were you when you thought you didn’t fit in the family?


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