The Austin House critter update.

Sister Pickle finally got a pond today, but there were complications. lol. Okay, I want to say that she got to the pond earlier than next spring because it was the right thing to do but that would be a flat out lie. I really wanted to take care of Pickle until spring but her food kept causing me problems. Here’s the thing, I’m not afraid of mealworms, earth worms of all sizes or crickets….. however, when 10 or more crickets escape, the thought to be well sealed cricket enclosure, then things start getting a little messy.

Mary Jane had a wonderful time catching and murdering some of the escaped convicts. If I could catch them then I just put them in with my aquatic frog, no issues there. The issue was when I was in bed and a cricket crawled on me. It appears I can still scream like a girl! You know the girl scream, it’s the one where the jaw is unhinged, uvula vibrates and a piercing sound heard for miles escapes the darkness of her esophagus. Yes, it was that kind of scream!


I tried, I did, I tried to feed her meal worms and earth worms but, she wouldn’t take them. The baby crickets were snagged so fast and furious that I realized she was ready for the big ones. I wasn’t ready for them to chew through both layers of mesh to be set free. Although their enclosure was different than what I did on a larger scale with success, I didn’t expect them to eat through two layers of synthetic mesh. Soooo, Sister Pickle is now at the pond on the grounds of the Kingdom Hall.

Pickle 82816I hope I did right by her. 🙂 I tried to read to him in his own language but I was unable to find literature in Amphibian, specifically the Croakasian dialect. Ooohhhh, we translate in Blackfoot Indian, we translate in dialects found deep in the remote areas of Mexico, and have a Kingdom Hall in the rain forest. Despite having Bibles and Bible literature translated in over 700 languages for free on, there is nothing for the Croakasian speaking amphibians. I might have to write to the branch office about this. 🙂

I only photographed Pickle once a week to see growth and such. She didn’t like being handled at all. What a cutie. She’s in a natural and rather beautiful environment now. The pond is close to me, which makes my heart glad. I miss her little self. It is possible to love a frog. I love my guy Pete, African Clawed Frog. His name is Pete’s Sake. He’s now 12 years old, going strong, showing no signs of slowing down. His life expectancy is 20+ years in captivity. He will not ever be sent to a river or pond because he’s not indigenous to the area …. or the continent for that matter.

My Best Girl, Mary Jane 2016
My Best Girl, Mary Jane 2016

Lastly, I was able to get a hold of Mary Jane’s eye infection without spending $300 for worthless eye drops. She still needs to go to the vet for a last ‘all clear’, however, after three weeks of adding cooked garlic to her food she shows no signs of feline conjunctivitis. Her eyes and ears are clear and clean, her fur is pest free. She’s brushed every day and her litter house (that bad boy is huge) is cleaned daily. Taking care of my critters makes me happy.


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