all i have to do is get myself to not send a text and i’m sure i’ll never hear from ‘family’ again. all i have to do is erase my aunt’s phone number off my phone and never look it up again. yeah, that’s all.

i was supposed to go in to see my therapist today but i had a conflict in scheduling. i had an appointment scheduled for me to renew my insurance. it’s at the time of my therapy appointment.

i want to lie down. i want to just go to sleep.

it feels empty in this house with so little life. i have a cat and a frog, that’s it, it’s not enough. i need things to care for, something more than plants. i really like firebelly toads and planned to fix up the 55 as a terrarium for a pod of five. I won’t do another fish tank but i’d like to do toads.

there was something else….. yeah, i saw a stylus and tablet on amazon that isn’t that terribly expensive. it would be nice to have one again. i think i’d like to put that above getting better photography equipment.

i hoped this rash all over me was going to get better after i stopped taking that medication. i thought my legs and feet would go down but they haven’t. the skin is very tight. if i flex too much the skin feels as though it will tear.

i should have called it a night several hours ago, well before 5am.


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