Facebook will change you. You’ll see things you wish you never saw and things you cant wash out of your sight even with lye. By the time I log off of Facebook I feel as though I need a shower, but this time I was too changed with no way to get back to normal. It was the day I was revealed as the Gummy Bear killer. How did this happen? It started off with an art studio, accusations of a hidden body, a plastic rat and a keyboard typing nonsense despite the person knowing she was too tired and goofy to be on the internet.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.    . Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  .

Sundrip (not an innocent person) -  it looks like a staged crime scene. Look, there’s an empty and CLEAN tub sitting upright beside the table. There’s no dust or cobwebs. The paper bag under the table isn’t all crinkled and smashed. Clean fabric, clean paper, clean glass bottles half full and a closet door opened that shows a half way decent shelving system. The files on the desk are in order, the file on the left is simply turned up. staged crime scene. there’s a body in here somewhere…. good gracious, almost dead center in front of the clean glass jar is a plastic rat.

innocent person of staged crime scene -  I forgot about that rat ! You are very observant.

innocent person A – it is plastic, right?

innocent person of staged crime scene – Yes, I bring out the collection for Halloween

innocent person A – 🙂

innocent person B - I can relate

Sundrip (not an innocent person) – I can too, but I’ve been acquitted of all charges. Since then, no more staged crime scenes, no more bodies discovered in my studio. I’ve been extra careful. I prefer gummy bears to plastic rats. 🙂 I haven’t been called the Gummy Bear Killer in years. Oh how that brings back Macabre memories.


There’s no telling how many gummy bears were murdered by the last 15 of my teeth. Is there remorse? There is not. I recall my crimes with glee and have trophies of gummy bear arms and legs that sit right beside gummy bears with their eyes eaten out. I know this behavior has affected many who saw me ravage the liver region or bite off one toe at a time. I know the justice system wasn’t ready for the Gummy Bear killer and so they set me free, free to chew again. Yes, I am the Gummy Bear killer who took a short leave of absence described as the disappearing act.  During the absence I worked to become a more affective minister of God and to better my foreign language skills. I painted some, slept a lot, dreamed a lot. I played on FB and cleared charges so as not to be incarcerated for the gummy murders.

……….again, I write when I know I’m too tired and goofy.


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