On WISH-TV 8 the question was asked, if you had a superpower, what would it be.

I didn’t think of world peace. I didn’t say I’d cure cancer or stop all the people who have killed their children this week. One was shaken to death, an infant was thrown out of a window and a 9 month old baby was raped to death. I did not say I’d stop hatred and violence or that I’d cure my own illnesses. I would answer this question truthfully. My superpower would be to start over. I’d hit the reset button and live the fantasy life I have a difficult time letting go of.

I’d go back to the time just before my parents divorced. I’d grow up with two loving parents. My big sister (who hangs the moon) would hold my hand and let me hang out with her and her friends. I’d have a healthy mother and father. I’d grow up and with each stage of life I’d look at my sister and see how she managed the changes. Now, at age 45 I’d ask her how she felt when she first got grey hair. I’d ask her about her hot flashes. We’d giggle still, like school girls, and we’d love each other. All of us, the whole family, we’d love each other.

…. in essence, I’d cure my broken heart.


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