Tea at My House SOLD
Tea at My House -oil and lace- SOLD

I talk a lot about tea time but not much about all that it involves. The tea time I’m talking about is my private moment not the tea parties or beautiful tea ceremonies I have with friends.

What I call tea time is a specific time during the day when I slow down, catch my breath and throw off the burdens of the day. At that time I don’t take phone calls, clean the house or manage major life stuff. My tea time is meant to be a time to recharge.

I may be on the computer messing around. I may read or have early tea and take a short walk. I sometimes have a small dessert but mainly I have basic tea biscuits. I enjoy listening to my music, brushing the cat, burning candles and watching my frog bop around in his aquarium. I look at new growth on my plants. It’s a time to stop all activities that fall under the category of work, collect myself and relieve anxiety.

Tea time lasts 2 hours or so. When I take this time time daily or several times a week I feel a difference in my stress level. It’s something I can count on, a routine that I look forward to, and it’s healthy.

After tea time I’m a little slower in thought as I finish chores and wrap up my evening. Then there are times when tea time goes straight into painting which often goes on to the early hours of the morning.

I choose tea according to health benefit but other times just for enjoyment. Here is a short bit on benefits and side effects of black tea found on Livingstrong.com

Drinking 200 milligrams to 300 milligrams of caffeine daily is safe for most people, reports MedlinePlus. With 30 milligrams to 80 milligrams of caffeine in an 8-ounce cup of black tea, that works out to a maximum of 4 cups to 10 cups daily, depending on the actual caffeine content of the tea. You can reduce some of the caffeine by brewing the leaves for a shorter amount of time. A cup of tea brewed for one minute has half the caffeine as tea that was steeped for three minutes. If you’re at a higher risk for iron deficiency, drink your tea between meals and wait at least one hour after eating before having a cup, recommends a February 2004 report in the “Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.”

As much as I love tea I don’t drink 10 cups a day be it black, green, white, brown or red. I mean dang, let’s not get excessive with the tea. Ten cups?  Nah, I’m good. Today I’ve had 4 at the most. At some point I have to throw in water, red wine or a cosmopolitan, a screwdriver, brandy, IPA, Jack, Absolute and the like. I passed up Southern Comfort the other day but I’m thinking of saving up for a small bottle off Amaretto. My grandparents ruined me. I’ve wanted a bar since I was little. They had a bar better than you could see at a professional place. Their full wall bar with counter top and waterfall was impressive. My bar will be with small bottles under a cabinet where the maintenance man can’t come in and help himself. Anyway……

The painting shows my tea pot that I put away so I wouldn’t break it like I did the other one. It’s ceramic and holds only 24 oz or something like that. I like to make tea in the pot instead of by the cup, it feels more formal that way so I’ve taken down my only, best ever, totally me tea pot and am now using it. I broke one of the antique cups but I still use the others. They’re just items, things… so said my great grandmother as she served me homemade cherry pie on her mother’s China.

written October 13, 2016 – 11:55pm EST

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