I saw this art easel and on Amazon and put it on my wish list. I’d been thinking about it because some stuff is getting harder to accomplish in bed, and not just art. So, I put it on the list and swore to myself that the next time I make a sale I’d purchase the easel. Well, I posted that on Facebook and someone contacted me and said, hey, let me get that for you. I was all like, OMG! Of course I was going to accept but not for free…not for free. I traded an art piece for it which turned out to be a win-win situation.

I look forward to getting this soon. It’s got so many incredible features.

Bed Easel
Bed Easel – medical supply

I mentioned that I couldn’t just accept it for free and wanted to barter for it. Ya know, a few days ago I removed the button on my sidebar for voluntary donations. I fretted over putting that up there but desperation took hold and I did. I had a cat in need of a few things, and I knew I was sitting in the middle of the month with less than $10 to my name. It took me until August to finish paying off last winter’s heating bill so yeah, I was feeling a bit desperate, but….. man, I have a really hard time just flat out asking for stuff. I’ve done it before. When I absolutely needed something that would benefit my health I sucked it up and asked for it. I was very grateful to have it, too. I have a beautiful blue heated blanket to ease the pain in my legs. It’s wonderful.

The lady with whom I bartered said to remember her when I become famous. She’ll be disappointed because I have no desire to be famous. I’m shooting for comfortable. My comfortable may not be the same as others. Heck, I know how to shop and I know how to use my limited resources to get my needs met. Other times I have to reach out or others reach to me. That makes me smile. 

I call this easel a medical supply because it will allow me to do a lot more on the computer as opposed to my tablet.

Bartering helps me in that I’ve sold a painting and I’m getting one of the things I would have purchased. Other times bartering won’t work because I need the cash. If you see something on my Amazon wish list that you can supply in exchange for art, let me know. I’ll see if the need is one of cash or if we can go the Amazon route.

I currently have Juniper oil and Rosemary oil and on my wish list. I will add them to the lavender infusion I make here at home with fresh lavender I’ve dried myself. :-) I combine them and put it on like lotion. The mix of the three oils in grapeseed oil is an effective pain killer for neuropathy, Fibromyalgia related pain and anti-inflammation. The anti-inflammation part comes in play when used on a regular basis. I’d be very happy to barter for these items. Keep in mind there are two galleries of available art, some of the art in the galleries isn’t listed on Etsy but they are available for purchase or barter.  Contact information is on the sidebar.

With gratitude,


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