The two of us and the standard sympathies plan

toy-2 toy

Jane remains relatively healthy. She’s 15 but she still loves catnip and paper. She is so funny chasing imaginary things. Her favorite toy is a green fish that she got about 2 years ago. She’s got a decent amount of toys but I only leave a few out at a time to mix it up and keep her interested in them. The other day I got a box in the mail with a bunch of paper, paper being her favorite thing. She put a thousand holes in it and then nested for a bit. Although Janie has claws, she’s not destructive. She doesn’t shred the paper or scratch the furniture or anything like that. The paper gets holes in it because she’s still got her claws.

I took photos again this month and can see this stupid rash getting just a bit better. I still have the pull to the right of my face that showed after the stroke but things are getting better. I can see my right eye lower and my mouth pulling to the right by just a little. I still don’t have all the feeling back on the right side of my face. I get this burning sensation from my temple area to my neck (?) sometimes, but it stops after just a few seconds.

3-me .4-me

No photo filters show the small bumps that cover much of my body. They’re a side effect from one of the medications I was on. The steroids are helping with this. I’ve got a small place over my eye that I really hope doesn’t scar……..

I want to do a honey, lemon and gelatin mask but I keep forgetting to buy the gelatin. I have lime jello here but I’m not going to take Snow’s advice and make that substitution. I’d rather wait to purchase the gelatin and get some new lemons before I make the mask. I found a great Spanish recipe for lemonade that’ll do just fine for the lemons I have here.


I was able to make it to the Hall tonight. I brought my yoga mat and a light blanket. The first half I sat in the main area with everyone else, the second half I rolled out my mat in the library. I was happy I got to go. I got to hug the kids. I love that. 🙂

I have physical therapy nice and early tomorrow morning. I’ll talk to her about having a treatment plan instead of a treat as you go type thing. She can’t put her hands on me and then tell me what she’s doing. Yeah, not gonna go over well.

After physical therapy I’ll come back here and meet with Snow for a bit. Saturday is a funeral for a friend of hers. I didn’t know this person but, the more people I know the more funerals I attend. It makes me not want to know anybody.

I can just see it now:

Hi my name is New Friend.
No, you’re not my friend. Go away!
You’re just gonna die and I can’t deal with it.

I wish I could send out a mass email to people saying we’ve maxed our number of funerals for the year. Please put off all deaths or you risk falling outside of the standard sympathies plan.


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