I just held her, with my face in her fur and rocked back and forth. I would have cried if I could have.

I have two new firebelly toads, adorable. One is really little, the other is plump because she ate just before I got them. They come to the glass to say hi when I walk up there. I like them a lot. I miss fish and would like to, somewhere down the line, get a betta. I’ve got a 2.5 gallon tank that would do well for a betta.

I need stuff to love and care for, stuff that needs me.
I should get MJ a better brush.

I am determined not to listen to people try to control my behavior with their negative talk. My own negative self talk bruises me enough, I don’t need it from others, too. I feel frazzled, fighting depression, ready to feel better emotionally.

Two funerals and a wedding in one week end is a lot of emotion.

I got out to Goodwill and was able to get the vanity mirror I’ve been wanting. It was on sale. I also got a great dreadlocks hat, without Rasta colours. I love, love, love it.

This bedroom gets messy very quickly. I’ve been downsizing on things in the house, getting rid of stuff I haven’t used in so long it’s not even funny. I’ve covered the living room and kitchen pretty well but I need to work more on this room. The amount of artwork I have needs to be better managed. No if and’s or but’s, I have to get a dresser. Not having a dresser in this room makes storing stuff neatly really hard. I’m even going to thin out my scarves.

I look forward to finishing up physical therapy which will be early November. After that I do more dental surgery.

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