Rosie and Rice Pickle - Fire Belly Toads
Rosie and Rice Pickle – Fire Belly Toads

Yesterday was interesting as I attempted to get the smallest frog to eat something. I don’t want to take her back to the store because I’m already attached to her little spotted green self. Her belly is more orange than red and she’s a flighty thing. She spends a lot of time trying to escape. Her sister is willing to be hand fed which is totally cool. So, I took the smallest one out, Rice is her name, and I put her in a smaller container with small worms. She ate a few but not many. I put her back in with her sister Rosie and gave her half a worm. She ate it. I hate cutting worms in half. How would I feel if someone cut me in half and fed me to an animal? Not pleasant, they feel pain, too. I can’t do that anymore. Yuck.

I had to start all over with my compost pile, the one I started early this year, because I added worms and they sat on top and melted. The things melted into some horrid, orange mess. It was awful. I was mad because that pile was really doing well. The current pile has a good amount of babies in it with less than 10 adults. I’m keeping the biggest ones for breeding purposes. They’ll live anywhere from 4 – 10 years so says the internet.

One of the best reasons to have this pile is that it’s earth friendly, but it’s also economic if you have toads, frogs and fish. I can feed at different sizes and I know that the worms I feed are healthy, which means my critters are healthy. I do the same with my mealworms. I know what they’re fed and I know they are healthy when I feed them to my frogs. No corn. No soy. No sugar. No additives. Just good stuff.

The terrarium for the fire belly toads is awesome! I set it up and made sure it was thriving before they got here. It’s got moss and driftwood (processed here at home). I put a few medium size, sexually mature worms in there a month before they got here so that they could help turn the soil. Their water is in a container half the size of the terrarium. I am able to remove and clean it when necessary. Plants that love water are closest to the the water. They’ve got hiding spots but I’ve only seen them stay in the water. I love that they come up to the glass when I go over there. They’re too cute.

Pete the African Clawed Frog is still awesome. I was going to again upgrade his home but I’m not going to. At this point I’m able to change water and clean both tanks in less than an hour. I should keep it that way. Sooooo, that’s aquarium and terrarium life here at Sundrip.

Mary Jane gets spoiled rotten. She’s great at not messing up my plants but I realize she needs greens, too so she has plants to chew on. She has parsley at the base of an indoor dry fountain surrounded by a rock garden. It looks really good and she goes over there and chews from time to time. I also put bulbs of dried garlic down there and she chews on those chives. Since I changed Mary Jane’s food from kibble and added the greens, she doesn’t have the same difficulties she was having. I’ve seen marked improvement with hairballs and vomiting. She was vomiting daily for a bit there but I don’t see hairballs even once a month now. They’re being properly digested. She has dry skin which I can’t seem to get a hold of. She’s no longer brushed daily. I do it every other day. I don’t want to irritate her skin. I’m not quite sure if that’s just something she’s going to have to deal with or if there’s something more I can do. The driest area is by her tail.

Dr. D (psychologist) said that I don’t talk much anymore about my hobbies. Hmmm…. I guess there’s a lot of other stuff to talk about, like the up coming tea party here and the family of 5 that will come here for art and fun. It’s a full life. It’s a hectic life and one with a lot of issues, but there’s also much to count as upbuilding.

Alright, it’s time to put some tea in me and get ready for therapy tomorrow.


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