Popcorn is plentiful. Movie theater style butter, plentiful. Fuzzy house slippers, check. Oversize sweatshirt and sweat pants, check.

I learned today that there’s a word for me, Anglophile. It’s someone who loves British television. I have to admit it, I was more than happy to hear about Acorn TV for $5 a month. This means I can stop watching so much murder. Let me start from the beginning.

I gave up TV a long time ago but as you know YouTube provides a lot for a girl to get into. I rejected all conspiracy theory shows such as the nightly news and opted for a better form of murder such as real forensics. It felt justifiable because it wasn’t fake, it wasn’t entertainment and the bad guy really was getting it in the end. I felt for the families and I learned about these new forensic techniques that I’d later research.

So, how far did my forensic obsessions reach? Well, I’ve covered all the US shows and jumped to Crimes that Shocked Britain, then Crimes that Shocked Ireland, Crimes that Shocked Australia. But once I’d seen literally hundreds of forensic cases including those by private investigators. I had to ask myself, am I doing myself any good by watching true crime and science as opposed to fake crime for entertainment? I mean, after all people are dead and families are left hurting. It was time to regroup, rethink. And then it happened, Acorn TV with loads of fun stuff like murder and tea. I’m so on it.

I’ll spend $5 a month to watch old British black and white movies, old murder mystery shows that don’t give gory details, but stick to politically incorrect plots and mind numbing innocent murders. Can I just please get some entertainment that doesn’t include a huge gun battle with more profanity than characters? Can a girl get actors wearing clothing! and who perpetuate the idea that life is beautiful and flawless for the wealthy? Please give me more stories of the simple, naive commoners who only live to pour tea and dress the super wealthy who can’t for the life of them put on their own coats. Is it so difficult to douse me in the egotistical quips of a Belgian detective wearing over-starched shirts, and who walks with a cane even though he’s not disabled? No, no its not sayith Acorn TV. For five dollars a month they will satisfy my need for shows cast off and forgotten. Oh, but not here. They’ll never be forgotten here.

I’ll watch the old romance shows where everything works out in the end. I’ll watch the married detectives solve crimes just for fun and watch old ladies who’ve been friends for decades solve crimes together. I’ll watch every single solitary half way decent show they have.

Do not get me started on all the ballet, opera and theater productions (shivers with joy).

Guess who just got Sunday movie night back? Uh, huh. It’s on!

I used to look forward to Masterpiece on PBS but I got away from it. I didn’t care who knew I was a Downton Abbey fan. I was in love with the first and second season of Sherlock, but dropped it like a hot potato on the third season. I watched every last Shakespeare piece available then scoured YouTube for older movie versions of it. One production could lead to a month’s worth of watching, reading and more watching. I’d pull out my own classics and read. I ate it up! I was fortunate enough to see operas I’d not seen in person or on screen. I ate PBS up. I looked forward to it, and will again.

Sunday’s are great for relaxing because when Monday arrives doctors have to be seen and tests must be run. But now, even if just for a little while, I’ll take back Sunday night, close out the real world and enjoy murder and the arts.


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