We went over the entry about popcorn leading to crazy long nights.  

I didn’t make it in to his office which is good bc I need time off from traveling all the time .

I met my volunteer goal this month . I’m happy about that.

I’m to purchase polyurethane for a collage piece but I don’t know what to buy. What brand ? It’s 18×24 with large pieces. I don’t know what brand to purchase or even what polyurethane is. I just paint. I never claimed to know about different tools and things.

4:27 am. I’m putting off sleep again. Betty is coming tomorrow. Ah, and the Dynamic Duo will be here Saturday to paint. One half of the Dynamic Duo (twin boys, 12) laughs at my open terrarium that I call the Sermon on the Mount. It’s planted naturally and has a miniature figurine I say is Jesus . 1/2 of D2 argues that it’s not Jesus . I say, yeah it is! He’s like, that is not Jesus, it’s Luke Skywalker! Look chubby cheeks, the only miniature I could find for my little terrarium was Luke but for my little scene he’s Jesus!! I’ve got to change this. I was going to do a different scene, one of Jonah and the big fish and use my taxidermy parana but I thought better of it.

Jane and I had our quality time today.  The frogs are great .


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