I woke up mad the other day. Ever wake up mad? I do, but I thought, I’m about to hit the reset button. I decided to get some catnip tea and go back to sleep thinking I’d feeling better.

I pulled out the good stuff, the same loose leaf catnip I’ve purchased from the same health food store since 1990 while in high school. It’s the same catnip Mary Jane gets, only hers is dry while mine gets the hot water treatment. Well, I’m sipping tea in a beautiful blue mug when I notice the cat is getting a little too playful with me. Mind you, I’m mad. I’m not in a playful mood, and I’ve yet to connect why Mary Jane won’t leave me alone!

Look, Mama’s mad, don’t play! It’s not the time to play. Don’t look at me with that cute face, purring and blinking at me. I reject your cuteness right now. …. So I went to the living room. She followed me. “For the love of Pete, if she doesn’t leave me alone.” Now she’s on my feet, rolling around on her back. “What is wrong with this child?!” Ahhh, then it hit me, everywhere I went I left a cloud of the good stuff in my wake.

Finally, I barricaded myself in the room, laughing. I called a friend to tell her I was hiding out from the cat who really wanted some of my tea.  I then knocked it back like a shot of whiskey to end the siege. I napped with Mary Jane right beside my face, smelling the last of the catnip. I think I’ll stick to chamomile tea.

BTW – I’ve never knocked back a shot of whiskey. lol  If it’s worth anything, you don’t knock it back, you sip it. Everyone knows that.


Faith and her faithful buddy Mary Jane Austin

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