I’m usually awake late. I’ve been fighting sleep until the sun comes up which is past 8 am. Although its 1:30 am here I’m going to climb under the covers early.

I look at my girl all curled up and my heart smiles. Seeing her laying there as cute as can be makes me want to stop fighting so hard to stay awake and just curl up next to her and rest. 


Janie and I have been together for 11 years. It doesn’t seem that long. I’ve got all the photos from the day I adopted her as well as the very email exchanged about adopting her.

The first year or two she was not the only four legged furry one in the house. I hand fed kittens and had several dogs in and out, but for quite awhile now it’s just been me and her. I thought maybe bringing in kittens again would give her a longer life or something but I can’t do it. I don’t want to stress her out. I want to let her be a happy old girl with only me stressing her out. I’ll leave it at just me and her for as long as I have her.

I was pleased to see a Maine Coon mix girl at one of the pet stores that has shelter cats. It’s the same place I got MJ. There won’t ever be another Mary Jane, but at least I know getting another Maine Coon mix is within my reach.

It’s time to log off and live up to my part of the bargain, be the other part of the cuddling pair.

She does make my heart smile.


(non-toxic products and the rag is dry)

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