I took a nice, long lavender bath with my own lavender bath salts. I washed my hair and relaxed as I applied my own lavender oil. It was then time for a nice cup of tea which I had while talking to my friend on the phone.

It got cold over here in Indy very quickly, in the teens.

8:15 pm Saturday 11-19-16
I’m in bed with the cat. Jane’s old bones need warmth too so she benefits from the heated blanket. My body is at a steady 7 which is less than normal. I’m usually at an 8. I need to take a few measures to keep things under control as best as possible.

I brought the frog’s terrarium in the room so I can see them more often. I like seeing them hop around. When I was in my worm compost pile I saw a good amount of worm eggs. It appears there’s a spot where many went to lay eggs. It was neat.

Well, it’s time to cover up, sip tea and watch a few more black and white movies.

2:58 am Sunday 11-20-16
I woke to a nice gift. I made a sale. Right now there’s a 35% sale going on in my Etsy shop. Coupon Code for 35% off everything at Sundrip Etsy until December, 2016
OriginalArt16 Don’t be shy, use the code during check out. If you have questions let me know. If you know how I can already set the art to the desired percentage off so no code needs to be punched in, let me know. Thank you. That info would be very helpful.

I wasn’t supposed to sleep away the day but I can’t say I’m upset by it. I watched half a movie and fell asleep with my furry buddy snoozing beside me. When my body says sleep, I sleep. Hardly ever do I wake feeling this refreshed so I’m not upset that I’ve slept most of this day away. No, I didn’t get a single thing studied, not a word read that should have been read.
My eyes are heavy. I’m going back to sleep.

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