Sometimes naked art is hard to picture framed on your wall, so I’ve provided a few examples in the Featured At Gallery. That gallery has been updated to show a few of the pieces included in the Sundrip art sale. Through out the week I will continue to display available art in posts.

35% off SALE on Sundrip and Etsy until December, 2016
Coupon Code – OriginalArt16

The Unknown - Available

So how does this sale work?

When purchasing directly from me via PayPal I simply reduce the price by 35%. If you purchase the art from Etsy you’ll need to type in the coupon code – OriginalArt16 . If you forget to enter the code on Etsy and you contact me the same day, I’ll refund the 35%.

What art is included in the sale?

All original art found in the Available Art, Available, Too and my Etsy shop will be included in the sale.

Do you offer special financing?

I do. Please contact me so we can arrange for you to have the art you want and still get the sale price.

Shipping options

Holiday shipping is available upon request, otherwise the art will ship as usual, every Wednesday through USPS. Expedited shipping arrangements are covered by the buyer at time of purchase. Please do not expect regular shipping times to arrive for a holiday gift. If this is a gift please let me know so we can be on the same page with delivery times. I’m unable to offer gift wrapping.

I ship internationally by arrangement or through my Etsy shop’s pre set international shipping prices.

Extra information

Dolls. If you are interested in a custom made doll, now is the time to do it because they are included in the sale as well. A custom made therapy doll deposit is listed in my Etsy shop. The deposit will be at the sale price when the code is entered. A custom made doll just because you want a doll will run along the same lines as the custom doll prices, it just won’t be a therapy doll. See their page for prices and options.

Read this really fast like they do on commercials when they’re reading the fine print.
All galleries and pages are on the sidebar as is my contact information. See frequently asked questions page. You may purchase available art in my Etsy store with an account, or you may contact me for a PayPal invoice. Redbubble hosts the sale of all printed items. They are not included in the Sundrip 35% off sale.

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