I was there to pick up crickets but…..

three-picklesYeah, I might have a slight addiction to frogs. The only thing that could have been worse was if this frog was holding a stuffed duck sitting on a sunflower. I doubt I could have held myself together. The cuteness of it all might have caused stimulus overload.

I went in to get a few little crickets for the two Pickle Sisters but see, there was this frog all by himself and I thought, he’s scared. He’s the only one left. I can’t leave him. The next shipment comes in Tuesday. A firebelly toad by itself isn’t a happy frog so I allowed my weakness to take over and brought his ginormous self home. He’s a full three inches. He doesn’t have a name yet.

He woke me with his barking noises. I hope I can get used to that because I really would like to keep this tank in my bedroom. I love watching them interact.

During winter months I all but move in the bedroom where it’s the warmest. This side of the room turns into a cozy little apartment fully equipped with a lounge chair, the laptop and candles. I’ve got an area rug on this side of the room which brings an extra comfy feel to it. Of course there’s a small area for my tea pot and cup.

By putting this tank in the room I was able to have two things I’ve wanted, frogs and plants in the room. Mary Jane is usually at my side no matter what room I’m in 🙂 She’s a cool cat. I’m happy she doesn’t get on the table and try to kill the frogs or anything. That would be most displeasing to her and me.

Fire belly toads are actually frogs. The only reason they’re called toads is because they resemble them with their bumpy selves.

People ask if they’re poisonous, yes and no. They need to be housed with like toads because they emit a substance that is poisonous to other animals. For this reason you shouldn’t attempt to keep them with other frogs, newts, salamanders, lizards, what have you. As with any animal, you must wash your hands after touching them. When handling a fire belly toad who doesn’t appreciate being held, it’ll release a slimy substance. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

Another important thing to remember is that even if you like picking up your toad, he doesn’t like it. It’s best not to handle them if you don’t have to. When it comes to water changes, which are every other day, I use a tube about 3 feet long and a nasal aspirator. This cheap system lets me get out the small things through the week. It takes 10 min for a fast water change. Every Sunday here is heavy cleaning day so I go in there, move the rocks around, get larger waste and leaves out, mist everything down really well and put it all back together. I do a water change for the aquatic frog Pete every Sunday with a wider mouth tube but the same nasal aspirator. I change the filter media and let it go. This takes no more than 30 min for both tanks. The quick water changes for the fire belly toads during the week is about 10 minutes.

Fire belly toads can live up to 10-15 years. African Clawed Frogs can live up to 20 years.

Pete, the African Clawed Frog, is doing well. I’m not going to get him another female. I thought about it but no, I’m not. I’d have to get a larger tank and I can’t take care of bigger tanks anymore. If you can’t take care of a pet properly it’s best not to get it so I’m sticking with the small group of frogs I have and my cat. 🙂



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