For the first time ever I have 95 paintings in my shop. I was shooting for 100 but I’m close enough. I think I will concentrate more fully on promoting them here and there and just playing with whatever I find to get into.

I talked to the therapist today and then the psychiatrist. We talked about the RSD and how I still feel a bit stunned by it. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do.

Steve Pickle - Fire Belly Toad maleI’m working on getting my moss garden back in order. It got pushed aside for a bit and is in need of attention. It’s 12 x 12, open sided, on a piece of slate. I look forward to getting lost in the intricacies of that. I’m about to fast track that bad boy, too. I’m going to do the buttermilk treatment and get this show on the road. I like having projects like this to do during the winter, it makes passing the time more pleasant. …. and I like nature so it works out well for me.

I look at the terrarium with the frogs in it and see new leaves spring up from their grassy area and I’m so pleased. I added a third frog which turned out to be good and odd. The third frog has made the other two more confident. They explore a lot more with a third around, but the male frog barks. OMG the frog barks, loudly. When I first brought him here I didn’t realize it was him barking. I kept hearing this barking and thought the neighbors got a new dog or something then I realized it was Steve, Steve the frog.

I went on YouTube to find frogs barking. The video played and then Steve started barking with the frogs on the video. The cat is like, ok, this is a mad house. She’s just now figuring that out, hmmm.

I was going to take Steve back because of his incessant barking, but I already like him and he gets along so well with the girls. He’s big, too! And they did a little frog pile and everything. It was so cute.

Mary Jane resting beside meTheir enclosure is set up as a terrarium. It’s live planted and I try to make sure the soil stays balanced and everything. Their moss is filling in. I was thinking about painting a background for the tank instead of purchasing one. They get water changes quite often. They aren’t always bright and vibrant because the colors in the tank aren’t bright, it’s a natural tank, but they’re healthy and they move around quite a bit.

Pete is in the other room but I get out there to see him everyday, especially since he’s by the area where the moss garden is and the rock garden. The greens I started growing for Janie are coming in nicely. She goes over there and gnaws on them. I chose to sprout bird seed and lemongrass. They both grow easily. I’ve been trying to grow a sweet potato plant for the foliage but I can’t get it past about 5 inches. I don’t know.

The dining room offers plenty to do while I’m on a mental vacation. In addition to scanning, I was keeping up with studies, going to the Kingdom Hall, doing my Bible study and doctor appointments. That’s finished, now I can sit back for a week or so and grow stuff.

Hot chocolate and then sleep,


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